Coronavirus Articles

2020-09-08 Crowds eschew masks at Trump rally as president mocks Biden over social distancing

2020-07-28 Trump Shared a COVID-19 Video Full of Lies and Misinformation. Twitter Just Deleted It.

2020-07-11 Covid-19 has revealed a pre-existing pandemic of poverty that benefits the rich

2020-07-08 Two National Crises, the Pandemic and Police Violence, Have One Common Thread

2020-07-08 The Merits of Medicare for All Have Been Proven by This Pandemic

2020-07-00 Nearly four in 10 Black, Hispanic families facing food insecurity during pandemic

2020-04-22 Economic Stimulus Must Help Average Americans While Solving Climate Change

2020-03-17 The conservatives who would sacrifice the elderly to save the economy


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