Shahid Buttar Campaign to Unseat Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi has to go, and Shahid is the one to do it

I fully support Shahid Buttar in his bid to replace Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi’s wealth is between $40 and $200 Million. She opposed the billionaire tax and supports insider trading by members of Congress. Pelosi actively supported Henry Cuellar—a corporate Democrat backed by the National Rifle Association who has also openly opposed abortion rights helping him to a razor thin victory against a strong progressive Jessica Cisneros. Pelosi is a corrupting influence in California politics! Pelosi has been a disaster for the Democratic Party for promoting losing corporate policies over publicly supported progressive ones like Medicare for All.

Michael Ernest Kerr – Green Party candidate for CA Congressional District 10

Note: Nancy not only endorsed and campaign for Henry Cuellar but was one of his financial funders. 2022-06-24 Here Are the Congressional Democrats Who Donated to Anti-Choice Dem Henry Cuellar


2022-06-16 Shahid Buttar Concedes Election Loss and gives his Reflections on the Campaign

I’m sorry to report that—despite our best efforts—we were unable to emerge from the jungle primary and proceed to the general election. The final results from the SF Board of Elections show us finishing with 19,431 votes.

Unfortunately, that result leaves us 587 votes (out of 186,473 cast) away from the second place finish that would have placed us in the general election.

Can you join us one last time to help us wrap up our 2022 campaign? Since I don’t have a political party behind me, your support today is the key to whether we’ll be able to mount another challenge in the future.

Earlier today, I recorded a segment with Steve Grumbine for Status Coup, which will air this evening. I also shared a memorable half hour with Briahna Joy Gray on her Callin show.

In each of those appearances, I offered some reflections on our race and suggested a few opportunities for the movement going forward.

I’d be interested to read any responses to those reflections that you might be moved to share.


Shahid has slowly gained on the Republican candidate as the votes are being conducted.

2022-06-12 Unofficial Election Results Results will be certified by July 15, 2022.

( 537 of 537 ) precincts partially
reporting as of June 12, 2022, 3:03 p.m. 

Visit the County Reporting Status page to determine when a county has submitted its latest report.

Precincts are listed as “partially” reporting since vote-by-mail, provisional, and other ballots will continue to be processed and counted after Election Night.

Election results will change throughout the canvass period as vote-by-mail ballots, provisional ballots (including conditional voter registration provisional ballots), and other ballots are tallied.

Shahid Buttar
(Party Preference: DEM)
Nancy Pelosi
(Party Preference: DEM)
Jeffrey Phillips
(Party Preference: DEM)
Bianca Von Krieg
(Party Preference: DEM)
Eve Del Castello
(Party Preference: REP)
John Dennis
(Party Preference: REP)


2022-06-07 Voter Turnout very Low, News Coverage almost Non-existent

Voter turnout in the United States is notoriously low as a general rule. But even by our country‘s sad historical standards, turnout in the jungle primary concluding today remains embarrassingly low.

Across the State of California, fewer than 15% of of eligible voters having cast ballots during the early voting period. That means that we enter today’s jungle primary knowing that every vote can make a difference.

In 2020, winning the top-two primary made me the first Democrat to ever face the sitting Speaker of the House in a general election.

Now, we’re back to build on the unprecedented 81,000 votes that we secured despite a media whiteout, a global pandemic, and a public character assassination relying on (and unfortunately reinforcing) racial and religious stereotypes.

Over the course of the primary election cycle, media outlets serving San Francisco have widely chosen to ignore this race entirely. News organizations from CNN and Politico to the LA Times have even written stories presuming the outcome, prognosticating about Pelosi’s plans to put her daughter in her seat presuming that she is allowed—despite documented corruption—to retire on her own terms.

That’s one reason why we’ve been so grateful to the few journalists who have shown up for work, like Eric Ting at SF Gate, Valerie Ibarra and “Diamond” Dave Whitaker at Mutiny Radio, SF Examiner columnist Lincoln Mitchell, and Timothy Regan at KPFA.

Make sure that everyone you know here in San Francisco heads to the polls today! Statistically speaking, it’s more likely than not that they have yet to vote.

Shahid Buttar (excerpt)


2022-06-07 Empathy Circle

Joined by an Occupy SF organizer, Regan hosted an “Empathy Circle” among candidates in our race that KPFA 94.1 FM aired this past weekend on his weekly program, “Talk It Out.” It was a fascinating experience, both in substance and process.

In process, the Empathy Circle enabled a very different style of dialog from a debate. Unfortunately, even the collaborative and non-adversarial format remained too intimidating for Pelosi to show up. Substantively, it offered a chance to reflect on the incumbent’s sad relationship to democracy.

“I’ve spent a lot of time…trying to liberate our city’s voice in Washington, noting that the oligarch who inhabits this seat has never debated a challenger in the 35 years that she has held it. [That’s] an absolutely preposterous reflection of entitlement and privilege of the worst conceivable kind….[indicating] disrespect for the voters and district…implicit in not showing up for a debate for an entire generation….If you’re not going to debate in public…someone has no business running for office.”

Shahid Buttar (excerpt)


2022-06-03 Marianne Williams’ “Time for a Change” Endorsement

This is a sad and chaotic time in America, and we are challenged to change. From mass shootings to environmental damage to attacks on our reproductive rights, things are not working. We are faced with the knowledge that in many ways our system has failed us.

Nothing will seriously change if we continue to elect the same people who led us into this mess, in the hopes they can lead us out of it.

Nancy Pelosi has served in the House of Representatives since 1987; she has been Speaker of the House for a total of seven of those years. Even if I did not object to her support for a Congressional candidate who has an NRA A rating and is the sole pro-choice Democrat in the House, and even if I did not object to her support for stock trading by members of Congress; even if I did not object to her support for endless defense spending and oil drilling and subsidizing Big Oil – I would still be hoping for a new era of leadership in America.

No one who has served in the halls of power for almost 35 years then has the consciousness or temperament to oppose that system; at this point they have become the system.

That is why I support Shahid Buttar in his primary bid to replace her as the Democratic candidate for Congress in California’s 11th congressional district. Nancy Pelosi’s leadership is a perpetuation of what has become a corrupt system in Washington, and we will not drive the car out of the ditch by looking to the same people who drove us into it.

Shahid’s background as a lawyer, non-profit leader and peace activist has made him a strong voice for change. This isn’t an election about personalities; it’s an election about policies. I am longing to see new faces, new voices, and new policies in Washington. We can turn what has become a government “of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations” back into a government that at least tries to be “of the people, by the people and for the people.” It is up to us to make the change, to end the season of our political despair.

Buttar’s campaign is a powerful challenge to the status quo, and by voting for him you are joining a passionate wave of change. Please support the candidate who interrupts the trajectory of political dysfunction that has gripped our nation.

It’s time for change.

All my best,
Marianne Williams


2022-05-30 Challenging the Military Industrial corruption

Too many other veterans come home with shattered bodies, or minds torn by memories of what they’ve seen, or families challenged by burdens like remote parenthood or living in constant fear of a loved one’s safety.

We’re working on Memorial Day weekend to challenge an oligarch with a long history of complicity in military industrial corruption. Can you join us today to put the lives of veterans before the profits of weapons manufacturers?

Veterans sign up to defend the United States. But time after time, a bipartisan consensus in Washington emerges to place them at grave risk not to defend our country, but instead to extend Wall Street’s interests. That has proven to be the case in every conflict since the Second World War.

Veterans are not expendable salespeople for weapons contracts. Yet, that’s how Washington treats them, whichever party is in the White House.

They deserve civilian leadership that reflects the enormity of their sacrifice and treats them with the respect they deserve—not just in words, but in action.

Shahid Buttar (excerpt)


2022-05-26 Yesterday was the second anniversary of the murder of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis.

It was also the day after our nation’s latest mass shooting, in which 19 students and two teachers died during a 40 minute rampage by a gunman while police stood outside the building, working mostly to prevent parents from attempting to rescue their children.

We’re working hard to end the era of lethal violence, whether by police or by murderers empowered by idiotic laws and policies making guns more widely available than baby formula. Can you join us today to hold the bipartisan establishment accountable for its continuing failures?

On the anniversary of George Floyd’s death, President Biden issued an executive order addressing policing. While largely symbolic, one useful thing it did was finally create a national database of police misconduct. We’ve called for that since 2018, and are pleased to see the White House finally step up, even if the move is years late and too many lives short.

Other reforms that we brought forward include ending Qualified Immunity so that police can be held responsible in court for their abuses of civil rights, abolishing civil asset forfeiture, legalizing cannabis at the federal level, and ending cash bail across the United States.

Each of these measures remains vital, and important parts of a vision that amounts to more than the sum of its parts. Ultimately, our country needs to invest in alternatives to predatory policing, particularly social workers better poised to promote public safety and support people and communities in crisis.

Shahid Buttar (excerpt)


2022-05-25 Pelosi and Corporate Democrats help NRA supporter and Anti-Choice Democrat win primary against strong Progressive candidate Cisneros

Yesterday, the future took several steps backwards in Texas. We write to observe some patterns that you won’t hear about from most news sources.

The latest mass shooting left 21 young people dead at an elementary school in a mostly Latino neighborhood outside San Antonio, just a week after a white supremacist murdered 10 Black shoppers in a grocery store in Buffalo, NY.

On the very same day that schoolchildren were executed en masse in Texas, local voters went to the polls for a runoff election in the 28th congressional district. Rather than embrace progressive challenger Jessica Cisneros, voters chose incumbent Henry Cuellar—a corporate Democrat backed by the National Rife Association who has also openly opposed abortion rights.

First, Cuellar’s margin of victory was absurdly fragile. Based on last night’s preliminary results, he exceeded Cisneros by less than 200 votes, in an election in which over 50,000 people voted.

In that context, Nancy Pelosi’s outrageous support for Cuellar played a crucial role in keeping Cisneros out of the House, undermining widespread calls for both gun control and reproductive freedom.

While the press is reporting on last night’s election as a Cuellar victory, or as a Cisneros loss, it’s ultimately a victory for Pelosi, Wall Street, and the corruption of the past as it continues to undermine any hope for the future.

That’s why it’s important to hold leadership—who many other voices appear unwilling to name—accountable. And there’s only one way to do that.

Shahid Buttar (excerpt)


2022-05-24 Can you join us today to hold hypocrisy accountable?

Cisneros is facing headwinds including the substantial weight of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who outrageously supports Cuellar despite mouthing support for abortion rights.

The archbishop of San Francisco denied Nancy Pelosi communion, citing her supposed support for abortion rights. There are so many things wrong with this that I’ll just summarize them quickly.

  1. It’s an impermissible attack on the separation of church and state. Our Constitution includes an Establishment Clause for many good reasons.
  2. It’s an offensive projection of a religious leader’s preferences on the democratic process to undermine fundamental human rights. We invite the archbishop to stay in his lane.
  3. It’s a sad reflection of outright ignorance, since Pelosi is actively undermining the right to choose today, long after having abandoned it years ago. We invite the archbishop to get his facts straight.
  4. It’s yet another example of how journalists construct cults of personality, undermining democratic accountability and their own profession by ignoring facts. We invite editors to expose the hypocrisy that both Pelosi and the archbishop share.
  5. It distracts the news cycle from alternative subjects that could, with any independence, enable change. For instance, the press not only fabricated a narrative that Pelosi is paying a personal price for her supposedly stalwart defense of rights that she is undermining in practice, but continues to ignore stories that could actually help. We invite editors to cover our proposal for states, including California, to pass bills that would activate boycotts of states poised to deny basic rights should Roe fall, in order to threaten commerce and compel the Justices to reject the draft opinion leaked a few weeks ago.

Shahid Buttar (excerpt)


2022-05-21 Congressional members financially benefit by giving Ukraine $40 billion rather than use money to end homelessness!

This week, Congress approved another $40 billion of weapons purchases. That’s twice the amount it would have taken to end homeless across the United States.

Half a million Americans live without housing. Congress made an affirmative choice to abandon their needs, prioritizing the profits of weapons manufacturers first.

Would you rather see our city’s voice in Washington working to establish a right to housing than selling weapons abroad?

The human rights crisis in Ukraine is real. The Pentagon—enabled by Congress—also helped instigate it.

Meanwhile, at least 20 Members of Congress are personally invested in the publicly traded stocks of weapons manufacturers, positioning them to personally profit from their decisions.

This is worse than mere corruption. This is corruption enabling international conflict.

Would you rather see San Francisco’s voice in Washington advocating for a ban on congressional insider trading to stem this corrupting corporate influence on Congress, or instead embodying that corruption?

Nancy Pelosi supporting Congressional insider trading. The video is available on YouTube, as well as Facebook and Twitter, and we encourage you to share it on whichever platforms you use.

Shahid Buttar (excerpt)


2022-05-15 Shahid Buttar on Buffalo Terrorist Attack


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