SHUT DOWN CREECH, Fall Action October 15-22 (Saturday to Saturday)

SHUT DOWN CREECH, Fall Action October 15-22  (Saturday to Saturday)

Co-sponsored by CODEPINK & Veterans For Peace

Remembering the Ahmadi Family, killed by U.S. drone, August 2021       (Spring 2022, Nonviolent Resistance)  

Photo by Michael Kerr Join our 13 year campaign to resist US killer drones….a bi-annual, weeklong peace convergence in the beautiful Nevada desert, to resist drones and militarism at Creech Air Force Base, 

a key drone assassination center just north of Las Vegas. 
Special Event:New drone documentary, Battles Beyond the Horizon, by Kari Barber and Nico Colombant will premier on Sunday Oct. 16 in Las Vegas during our Fall Action.  This long awaited film will feature numerous “Creechers,” past and present, as it 

“weaves the protests of anti-drone activists and the history of the U.S. military drone program with expert interviews about the ethics of a future with increasingly more robotic warfare.”   To include panel discussion with Q & A following the film.

(See attachment FMI)On the website of Creech Killer Drone Base the U.S. Air Force still refers to drone operators as “hunters,” and Creech AFB is proudly nicknamed “Home of the Hunters.”
We Say:  Human beings should never be hunted.  Assassination is illegal and drone assassination is particularly egregious and cowardly, and has resulted in vast civilian casualties.  Every human being has the right to due process!
Join us this fall, October 15-22, for all or part of the week, as we peacefully oppose these grave injustices, while also making time for joyful camaraderie and desert excursions as well.  Bring friends!

We hope to see you at Shut Down Creech,
Susan, Virginia and TobyThe New SDC OrganizingTeam

Spring Action, 2022                


Battles Beyond the Horizon

a film by Kari Barber and Nico Colombant

Since the bow and arrow humans have been physically distancing themselves from their actions in war. Now with drones and artificial intelligence, U.S. government attacks are conducted across the world. Decisions are increasingly being made with humans further removed from “the loop.”

There have been thousands of civilian deaths due to U.S military drone strikes, including hundreds of children. What’s next for targeted killing many find even scarier.

The documentary, Battles Beyond the Horizon, weaves the protests of anti-drone activists and the history of the U.S. military drone program with expert interviews about the ethics of a future with increasingly more robotic warfare.

About the Filmmakers:

Kari Barber and Nico Colombant are on the faculty of the Reynolds School of Journalism at theUniversity of Nevada, Reno.

While teaching and raising three boys in Reno, they are also outstanding documentary filmmakers. Their recent work includes Struggle and Hope, about all-Black towns in Oklahoma and an animated short film about grief after losing another son Zinedine.

They have filmed our anti-drone protests at Creech Air Force Base numerous times over the years in preparation for this upcoming drone


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