Poor People’s Campaign

2022-06-30 A Movement Declaration to Reconstruct American Democracy

Call to Action: A Movement Declaration to Reconstruct American Democracy
At the June 18 Moral Assembly, the Poor People’s Campaign announced its new campaign: 7 Steps Before the Midterms. The steps are enumerated in a new document titled A Movement Declaration to Reconstruct American Democracy, whose preamble points out the importance of this year’s midterm elections, when 469 seats in Congress will be in play. At the same time, the preamble notes, “our democracy is threatened by a state-by-state coordinated assault on the right to vote and imperiled by open violence, greed, obstruction, distortions and denial, while more than 140 million poor and low-wealth people of every race, creed, religion, in every region of this country are rising up daily against growing indignities, pain, injury and death at the hands of immoral policies and interlocking injustices.” But rather than being obstacles, these facts drive us forward. “Our votes are not supports but demands to be heard and to take action. A movement that votes does not vote for any party or any one person, we vote for our people and for our lives. We vote to summon a Third Reconstruction that can birth us out of an impoverished democracy and usher in a new world.” 

Here is a summary of the seven steps:

We demand that every member of Congress publicly acknowledge the reality and pain of 140 million poor and low wealth people.

We demand every member of Congress commit to creating and supporting legislation that reflects the Third Reconstruction Agenda developed by poor and low-wage communities.

We demand a White House Poverty Summit with President Biden to allow this administration to meet with a delegation of poor and low-wealth people, religious leaders and economists and to commit to an Executive Action Plan to Eliminate Poverty in 2022.

We declare that this Campaign will engage in massive mobilization and outreach through every means available to us—by visits, letters, petitions, candidate forums, and phone calls—advocating for our current representatives to take action now to address the needs of 140 million poor and low-wealth people in this country.

We pledge to return to Washington D.C. in September 2022, to join 5,000 poor and low-wealth people and religious leaders, along with 100 economists, in nonviolent moral direct action in our next step of declaration and notification of these demands.

This Campaign announces its launch of a nationwide effort to register and educate poor and low-income communities to vote in every election for candidates who commit to a Third Reconstruction Agenda to address poverty and low wealth from the bottom up.

We declare that we are a movement that votes. We call on all poor and low-wealth people to march in mass assembly from here to the polls this November and to use your vote to make your voices heard!

The seven steps will ground us and focus our upcoming work. We hope you’ll take a moment to read them in full.


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