Coronavirus Covid-19 Research History – April 11 to April 15, 2022

2022-04-15 Pfizer Knew Vaccine Injuries Were More Severe in People Under 55, Documents Reveal Documents released April 1 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration show the adverse event rate per dose for Pfizer’s mRNA jab, based on the company’s own studies, is nearly 1 in 800, and the myocarditis rate is 10 in 100,000 — far greater than the 2 in 100,000 rate previously reported.

2022-04-15 Unvaccinated & Vaccinated COVID Case Rates Nearly Equal, DHS Says + More The Defender’s COVID NewsWatch provides a roundup of the latest headlines related to the SARS CoV-2 virus, including its origins and COVID vaccines.

2022-04-15 Health Officials Reinstate Mask Mandates, But Where’s the Science? Health officials are reinstating and extending mask mandates, citing a surge in the Omicron BA.2 variant, but data don’t appear to support those decisions.

2022-04-15 California Pauses Plans to Require COVID Vaccinations for Schoolchildren + More The Defender’s Big Brother NewsWatch brings you the latest headlines related to governments’ abuse of power, including attacks on democracy, civil liberties and use of mass surveillance.

2022-04-15 Changing the Climate Change Narrative: ‘What We Do to the World, We Do to Ourselves’ Writer Charles Eisenstein doesn’t subscribe to the dominant climate change narrative, which invokes panic and fear. Instead, he said, “Self and other, humanity and nature are not separate. We may not die if the Amazon dies, but surely something within us dies, something precious, something sacred.”

2022-04-15 6 Companies Control 90% of What You Read, Watch and Hear. Here’s Why You Should Care. Ever-mounting media consolidation has narrowed the perspectives the public is privy to. Ownership and funding of these corporations are riddled with conflicts of interest and Big Tech companies are outright censoring and demonetizing independent outlets.

2022-04-15 More Than 1 Million COVID Vaccine Injuries, Nearly 27,000 Deaths Reported to VAERS, CDC Data Show VAERS data released Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention included a total of 1,226,314 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 26,976 deaths and 219,865 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and April 8, 2022.

2022-04-14 Pfizer to Ask FDA to Allow 3rd COVID Shot for Healthy 5- to 11-Year-Olds, Based on Study of 140 Kids Pfizer and BioNTech today said they plan to apply for Emergency Use Authorization of a COVID-19 booster dose for healthy 5- to 11-year-olds based on results of a small study that has not been published or analyzed by independent experts.

2022-04-14 Scientist James Lyons-Weiler Weighs in on Snake Venom Theory Scientist James Lyons-Weiler, Ph.D., said at least 10 people asked him about the snake venom proteins in relation to COVID-19. He proposed two possible explanations, one of which he favors over the other.

2022-04-14 What Proportion of Doctors Are Vaccine Hesitant? Far Higher Than Expected, Survey Says + More The Defender’s COVID NewsWatch provides a roundup of the latest headlines related to the SARS CoV-2 virus, including its origins and COVID vaccines.

2022-04-14 Why You Should Think Twice Before Sharing a COVID Diagnosis + More The Defender’s Big Brother NewsWatch brings you the latest headlines related to governments’ abuse of power, including attacks on democracy, civil liberties and use of mass surveillance.

2022-04-13 6 Double Standards Public Health Officials Used to Justify COVID Vaccines From the beginning, the official COVID-19 narrative has been inconsistent, hypocritical and/or contradictory because medical authorities used double standards to create the illusion their narrative was logical and sensible.

  • 1. COVID deaths are ‘presumed,’ but vaccine deaths must be ‘proven’
  • 2. CDC uses VAERS data to investigate myocarditis yet claims VAERS data on vaccine deaths is unreliable
  • 3. CDC pushes ‘relative risk’ for determining vaccine efficacy, but uses ‘absolute risk’ to downplay risk of adverse events
  • 4. FDA requires randomized control studies for early treatment medications — but not for boosters
  • 5. FDA uses immunobridging to justify Pfizer shots for young kids, but rejects antibodies as indicative of immune protection from COVID
  • 6. Causation must be proven for vaccine injuries, but correlation suffices for proving vaccine efficacy

2022-04-13 Pandemic Propels Global Effort to Study Rare Vaccine Side Effects + More The Defender’s COVID NewsWatch provides a roundup of the latest headlines related to the SARS CoV-2 virus, including its origins and COVID vaccines.

2022-04-13 Instagram and Snapchat Addiction Allegedly Led to 17-Year-Old Boy’s Suicide + More The Defender’s Big Brother NewsWatch brings you the latest headlines related to governments’ abuse of power, including attacks on democracy, civil liberties and use of mass surveillance.

2022-04-13 ‘This Week’ With Mary + Polly: ‘Extremely Disturbing’ Mask Mandate for Kids Under 5 + More In “This Week” with Mary Holland, Children’s Health Defense president, and Polly Tommey, co-producer of “Vaxxed,” Mary and Polly discussed the latest news on COVID vaccines and other issues.

2022-04-13 ‘Watch the Water’ Right on Remdesivir, But Snake Venom Theory Is a Stretch While it’s true there is some overlap between the effects of poisonous peptides present in some snake venom and those of SARS-COV2 spike protein, claiming COVID is ultimately derived from snake venom is a poorly substantiated hypothesis.

2022-04-12 ‘The Kids Are Not All Right’: Private Equity Psychiatric Facilities Prioritize Profits Over Patient Care “More than any other part of the health care services industry, private equity is pouring money into behavioral health,” said Eileen O’Grady, a researcher for the watchdog group Private Equity Stakeholder Project.

2022-04-12 COVID Vaccines Aren’t Working — And No Amount of Boosting Will Change That We’ve gone from “two mRNA jabs will ensure you won’t carry the virus or get sick or die of COVID” to “you need a booster every four months and you can still contract, transmit, get sick and die of COVID.” At this rate, we’re looking at three injections per year, and the fully-jabbed and boosted are still getting sick with COVID.

2020-04-12 #StopTheTreaty: Act Today to Stop WHO’s Disastrous Power Grab We have less than 24 hours to stop the World Health Organization’s proposed “global accord on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response,” a plan that would strip nations of the right to determine their own health policies in the event of a pandemic.

2020-04-12 ‘The System Is Rigged’: The Anatomy of Big Pharma’s Political Reach With their long, sordid history, pharmaceutical companies incentivize doctors to prescribe their products through financial rewards. Thanks to their astronomical profit margins, the pharmaceuticals and health products industry is able to spend more on lobbying than any other industry in America.

2022-04-12 Axios-Ipsos Poll: Most Americans Say COVID Is No Longer a Crisis Less than one in 10 Americans now describe COVID-19 as a crisis — with about three in four calling it a manageable problem and one in six saying it’s no problem at all — according to the latest installment of the Axios/Ipsos Coronavirus Index. These sentiments — and the public’s growing desire to be done with mask mandates and other restrictions — raise significant challenges for public health officials in managing new surges and could create real political headwinds ahead of the midterms.

2022-04-12 How Can Schools Combat the COVID Slide? Bullying Prevention Is the Best Place to Start Thus far, much of the discussion surrounding the pandemic‘s lingering impacts has centered on learning loss, which has resulted in testing declines of as much as six percentile points in reading and 12 percentile points in math in grades three through eight. But the more important story might not be what’s down due to the pandemic but rather what’s up. Because as test scores drop, reports of mental health problems are on the rise — and you can’t address learning loss if students are overwhelmed by challenges outside the classroom. Over the past two years, many schools have reported elevated levels of anxiety, stress and behavioral problems among students. Perhaps most troubling of all is an increase in reports of bullying as more kids take their anger and frustration out on peers and exacerbate a problem that was already reaching epidemic proportions before the pandemic. Just a few years ago, 90% of students in fourth through eighth grades had already reported being bullied or harassed. Of that overwhelming majority, 41% believed it would happen again.

2022-04-12 How Media Turns Bad Science Into ‘News’ Mainstream media often make the case for vaccinating kids by pointing to studies published in prestigious journals — but without doing any due diligence on the quality or validity of the study they are reporting on.

2022-04-12 CDC Under Fire for COVID Response, Launches Internal Review The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Monday launched a comprehensive agency-wide review and evaluation following criticism of the agency’s response to COVID-19, but political commentators Kim Iversen and Robby Soave expressed doubt the process would bring about change.

2022-04-11 Exclusive: Son Describes Mother’s Death After Moderna Shot In an exclusive interview with The Defender, Jeffrey Beauchine said his mother, Carol, knew her Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease was related to the Moderna shot. Watching her death was like “something you see out of a movie,” he said.

2022-04-11 With COVID Mission Over, Pentagon Plans for Next Pandemic One of the key lessons learned was the value of small military teams over mass movements of personnel and facilities in a crisis like the one wrought by COVID-19. In the early days of the pandemic, the Pentagon steamed hospital ships to New York City and Los Angeles and set up massive hospital facilities in convention centers and parking lots, in response to pleas from state government leaders. The idea was to use them to treat non-COVID-19 patients, allowing hospitals to focus on the more acute pandemic cases. But while images of the military ships were powerful, too often many beds went unused. Fewer patients needed non-coronavirus care than expected, and hospitals were still overwhelmed by the pandemic. A more agile approach emerged: having military medical personnel step in for exhausted hospital staff members or work alongside them in additional treatment areas in unused spaces.

2020-04-11 Fauci Admits Defeat: Says COVID Here to Stay, People Need to ‘Calculate Individual Risk’ While President Joe Biden campaigned on a promise to “shut down the virus, not the economy,” Dr. Anthony Fauci — the highest-paid employee in the U.S. government — was taking a much more cautious approach — suggesting that COVID might never go away. And with Washington, DC, now a superspreader party town for the far-less deadly Omicron strain, Fauci has now explicitly thrown in the towel on trying to rid the world of COVID-19 — telling ABC’s “This Week” that the virus is here to stay, and people will just have to decide what level of risk they’re willing to take. “This is not going to be eradicated and it’s not going to be eliminated,” Fauci told host Jonathan Karl. “What’s going to happen is that we’re going to see that each individual is going to have to make their calculation of the amount of risk that they want to take in going to indoor dinners and in going to functions, even within the realm of a green zone map of the country where you see everything looks green but it’s starting to tick up.” “We’re going to have to live with some degree of virus in the community,” Fauci continued, adding that “the best way to mitigate that, Jon, is to get vaccinated.” Yes, a vaccine developed for a completely different strain that wanes in protection just six weeks after the receipt of a fourth dose, according to a recent Israeli study.

2022-04-11 COVID: Suspended B.C. Doctor on Speaking Tour Warns Parents About Vaccinating Their Kids A doctor suspended by the College of Physicians and Surgeons for allegedly disseminating false narratives about COVID-19 is on a speaking tour of the B.C. Kootenays to warn parents about the risks of vaccinating kids. Dr. Stephen Malthouse, a family practitioner on Denman Island, has joined a pair of other dissenting doctors in recent speaking engagements in Nelson, Castlegar and Trail to present data they say indicates the risk to children from COVID-19 is “statistically zero” and that vaccines are the bigger risk for that age group. Malthouse and Drs. Sophia Bayfield and Kevin Sclater spoke over the weekend to what they said were full houses. Their “key message is that the risk to children under the age of 19 for the COVID-19 virus itself is statistically zero. Yet the dangers of the COVID-19 shot for the same age group are significant, including myocarditis, stroke, arrhythmias of the heart and even death.”

2022-04-11 100,000+ Documents Reveal Disturbing Details About High-Risk Gain-of-Function Experiments An investigative report by Vanity Fair contributor Katherine Eban, based on more than 100,000 EcoHealth Alliance documents, shows a disturbing reality of “murky grant agreements, flimsy NIH oversight and pursuit of government grants by pitching increasingly risky global research.”

2022-04-11 Comedians Following ‘the Money Trail,’ Not ‘the Courage Trail,’ JP Sears Tells RFK, Jr. In an appearance on “RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast,” comedian JP Sears said any good joke is rooted in truth, but big-name comedians are now “narrative-based” rather than “truth-based.”

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