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Kerr vs DeSaulnier on the Issues

HOW DOES MARK DESAULNIER AND MICHAEL KERR COMPARE ON IMPORTANT ISSUES SOURCES OF MARK DESAULNIER’S POSITION ON ISSUES I used 6 different sources that should explain Mark’s opinions on these issues below. These sources include his Congressional website, Campaign website, … Continue reading

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2020 Congressional District 11 Opponents

Mark DeSaulnier Michael E. Kerr Brief View of Mark DeSaulnier I know Mark personally. I like him as a person. I have thought well of him, but I have been disappointed with him as a Congressperson. He has passion on … Continue reading

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Election 2020

Sources & Organizations America’s Voice Ballotpedia Fair Specific Information ARIZONA – AV Election 2020 – F Election results, 2020 – B 2021 election coverage by office – B Presidential election, 2020 – B United States Congress elections, 2020 – B … Continue reading

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Green Party Peace Pledge

GREEN PARTY PEACE PLEDGE: CANDIDATES FOR U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Proposed by Green Party Peace Action Committee. The Green Party Peace Action Committee requests all Green Party candidates for U.S. House of Representatives to swear or affirm that they will … Continue reading

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