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Sign the petition to Leader Schumer: Schedule a vote on the Equal Rights Amendment

Sign the petition to Leader Schumer: Schedule a vote on the Equal Rights Amendment The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) is an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that guarantees equal legal rights for all American citizens, without regard to sex or … Continue reading

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Woman’s Social Equality

We should support the equal application of the Constitution of the United States of America to all citizens, and therefore call for passage of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). We must urge renewed efforts and campaigns to ratify the ERA. … Continue reading

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Women’s Rights

Since the beginning of what we call civilization, when men’s dominance over women was firmly established. Until the present day, our history has been marred with oppression of and brutality to women. We need to end this system of male … Continue reading

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Civil Rights and Equal Rights

The foundation of any democratic society is the guarantee that each member of society has equal rights. Respect for our constitutionally protected rights is our best defense against discrimination and the abuse of power. There is an intimate connection between … Continue reading

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