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My Congressional Candidate Statement on Covid-19

Is there any circumstance that the government should mandate vaccines for the public? There may be a circumstance, but it should never have happened during the current Covid-19 situation.   Covid was a serious health risk only to those with multiple … Continue reading

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Truth About Vaccines & COVID w/Inventor Of mRNA Vaccine Technology, Robert Malone

Jimmie Dore’s EXPLOSIVE Truth About Vaccines & COVID w/Inventor Of mRNA Vaccine Technology, Robert Malone Must listen too, especially if you believe the government, corporate media and Pharma! . Coronavirus Covid-19 Research History – Index . Specific Issues Index from Creating Better … Continue reading

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Scientific Journal Censorship with Dr. Malone

Scientific Journal Censorship with Dr. Malone Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Video December 16, 2021  STORY AT-A-GLANCE Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA and DNA vaccine core platform technology, shares scientific censorship that’s running rampant in medical journals … Continue reading

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