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Fossil Fuels

Sources & Organizations Earth Justice Fossil Free California Specific Information CalPERS Divestment Campaign CalSTRS Divestment Campaign COAL BURNING IS THREATENING OUR HEALTH AND OUR ENVIRONMENT – EJ Move Your Money – FFC OIL AND GAS IS DESTROYING OUR AIR, WATER AND … Continue reading

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Howie Hawkins on Energy & Oil

2020 Green Party Challenger for President End nuclear power, offshore drilling, & fracking End the use of nuclear power. Nuclear energy is massively polluting, dangerous, financially risky, expensive and slow to implement. Our money is better spent on wind, solar, … Continue reading

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Renewable Sources

Move decisively to an energy system based on solar, wind, geo-thermal, marine, and other cleaner renewable energy sources. The development of Earth-gentle, sustainable energy sources must be a cornerstone of any plan to reduce reliance on conventional fossil fuels. We … Continue reading

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