Carbon Sequestration Using Ecological Restoration

Carbon Sequestration Using Ecological Restoration
To stabilize the climate, limiting emissions is not enough; carbon must be removed from the atmosphere and sequestered in the ground. Ecological restoration is a valuable tool to achieve this and it will increase the quality of living for all. When forests, grasslands, and farmlands are restored, they act as carbon sinks and improve the health of the soil.
Greens support creating a federal program under the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for carbon sequestration to fund local public initiatives that:
a. Plant trees, reforest and afforest public lands
b. Revegetate grasslands with native species to prevent desertification and improve climate resilience
c. Encourage the use of regenerative agricultural techniques
d. Restore ecosystems on privately-owned lands by providing incentives to landowners.

Source: Green Party


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