Community involvement is very important because it is personal, value-oriented, and small enough for each member to have an impact. Community involvement is a foundation for public policy.
Social diversity is the wellspring of community life where old and young, rich and poor, and people of all races and beliefs can interact individually and learn to care for each other, and to understand and cooperate.
We should emphasize a return to local, face-to-face relationships that humans can understand and care about.
We must think globally and act locally.
One’s community needs to recognize a diversity of issues. Local control recognizes a variety of approaches to solving problems, ones that tend to be bottom-up not top-down. We should not place in too much faith in paternalistic big government. Instead, face-to-face interactions are essential to productive and meaningful lives for all citizens.
Our vision should include:

  1. Building communities that nurture families, generate good jobs and housing, and provide public services.
  2. Creating cities and towns that educate children, encourage recreation, and preserve natural and cultural resources.
  3. Building local governments that protect people from environmental hazards and crime; and motivating citizens to participate in making decisions.

To that end We should call for increased public transportation, convenient playgrounds and parks for all sections of cities and small towns, encourage diverse neighborhoods and support for a rich milieu of art, culture, and properly funded programs such as the National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities.
However, our vision should also include:

  1. A global community of communities that recognize our immense diversity, respect our personal worth, and share a global perspective.
  2. An approach to politics that acknowledges our endangered planet and habitat.
  3. Politics that respond to global crises with a new way of seeing our shared international security.
  4. A new era of international cooperation and communication that nurtures cultural diversity, recognizes the interconnectedness between communities, and promotes opportunities for cultural exchange and assistance.

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Green Party Platform on the Issues


Specific Issues Index

from Creating Better World

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