State of the World

Never has our country faced as many challenges and crises as we do now.

  1. Levels of federal revenue are the lowest they have been since 1950 because of tax cuts and breaks for the very rich and for corporations.
  2. Government agencies charged with safeguarding public health and safety are operating with slashed budgets that paralyze their efforts.
  3. Jobs are being permanently relocated outside the country, while social and educational programs are being gutted.
  4. Our food, water, air, and soil are increasingly found to bear toxins and debilitating pollution.
  5. Every single level of government—local, county, state, and federal—is operating in the red, running up crushing amounts of debt.
  6. Many of our allies and former friends around the world are disgusted with our imperialist foreign policy, militarism, and arrogant corporate behavior.

Realizing that our actions will be judged by future generations, how can we draw on the best of our traditions, calling forth a spirit of ingenuity and citizen participation to achieve a free, democratic, just, and responsible society, one that actively responds to the crucial ecological challenges of our time, rather than denying them.

We need to create a bold vision of our country’s future!

We can use the Ten Key Values as a guide:

  1. for a politics of vision and action,
  2. for a creative, pragmatic plan for a prospering sustainable economy,
  3. for a call to restore and protect a healthy, diverse environment
  4.  to cultivate a sense of community at all levels, from the local to the planetary.

We need a vision of our common good that is advanced through an independent politics free from the control of corporations and big money, and through a democratic structure and process that empowers and reaches across lines of division to bring together our combined strengths as a people.

We must see our political and economic progress, and our individual lives, within the context of an evolving, dynamic world.

As in nature, where adaptation and diversity provide key strategies through which life flourishes, a successful political strategy is one that is diverse, adaptable to changing needs, and strong and resilient in its core values:

  1. Participatory Democracy, rooted in community practice at the grassroots level and informing every level, from the local to the international.
  2. Social Justice and Equal Opportunity emphasizing personal and social responsibility, accountability, and an ethic of Nonviolence.
  3. Ecological and Economic Sustainability, balancing the interests of a regulated market economy and community-based economics with effective care for the Great Economy in which we are embedded: the ecosystems of the Earth.

We must seek to identify the most crucial problems facing our country and offers ideas for responsible action to solve them.

Looking to the future with hope and optimism, we can truly correct the course of reckless, destructive governance that has allowed and encouraged the degradation of our ecological life-support systems, gutted our economy, and strained the social fabric to the point of causing material hardship for millions of Americans.

Our common destiny brings us together across our nation and around the globe. We must act in service to our children and the future generations of all our relations in the Earth community. We must act in service to the future we are creating today.
Source: Green Party


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