Rabia “Our Mother Terresa”

Rabia? was often at the vigil during earlier special events. She is in several photos of Brian, Martin Sheen, David Hartsough. I went with her once to do something away from vigil over night. With my memory, I just can’t remember what it was. I was probably just giving her a ride to do something. Who knows her more about her? Rabia is the only name I can remember, but I could be wrong. MEK Comments

I know she was there from 9/1 to provide support for the fasters, as that was the initial plan, to move the Fast for Life from DC the prior year, to the tracks. So there was a large support system of mainly women for the vets that would be fasting, Brian, David D., Duncan Chris Baillin was also support along with Dorothy Granada, with a nurse background. Jennifer V. Comments

Rabia is to the left in photo
Rabia is in center of photo
Rabia sitting next to Brian Willson

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