Student Debt

It’s time to forgive all student and parent loans taken out to finance post-secondary and vocational education. We also need to provide free college tuition to all qualified students at public universities and vocational schools. Green Party on education

Additional consideration should be given to those who have paid student loans in the past, have not been able to write off those debts on their taxes, or have not financially benefitted from their eduaction. (MEK consideration)

U.S. Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos announced on Friday that the payment pause and interest waiver for student loan borrowers will be extended through the end of January.

This student debt waiver should be extended until Congress deals with the economy killing Massive stident debt. (MEK consideration)

Education – Equal Access of High-Quality


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I have been a Peace and Social Justice Advocate most all of my adult life. In 2022, I am again running for U.S. Congress in CA under the Green Party. This Blog and website are meant to be a progressive educational site, an alternative to corporate media and the two dominate political parties. Your comments and participation are most appreciated. (Click photo) .............................................. Paid for by Michael Kerr for Congress with Peace and Justice C00803577
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