The 9/11 Attack Government Conspiracy

My Congressional Campaign Statement   

Absolutely nothing about the government/corporate media 9/11 story is truth.  The 9/11 attacks were planned, managed and covered-up by my government.   Corporate media ownership joined in the cover-up.  Since the release of the 9/11 Commission report, which I consider a confession, I have offered a $100K reward to the first person who can prove (even demonstrate) that the government didn’t do 9/11.   Click Here for my full statement


Green Party call for Independent Investigation of 9/11 Attack

Architect and Engineer Signatories (over 3500) Calling for New Investigation

ASCE’s Journal of Engineering Mechanics Again Censors 9/11 Rebuttal to Article that “Gravity caused Twin Towers to Collapse”

Other Demands for a New Investigation

My Personal Views on 9/11

911 Reward

BE THE FIRST PERSON to prove to my reasonable satisfaction that the United States Government (with Corporate Media as co-conspirators) didn’t manage and cover-up 9-11, then I will give you $100K using my home equity.

Do you still believe the U.S. Government/Corporate Media story about 9-11? If you do, this should be an easy $100K. After all, your beliefs are backed by the U.S. Government and promoted as true by the vast, powerful corporate media. Haven‘t they thoroughly examined and investigated the events surrounding 9-11 already? They wouldn‘t lie would they?

Research Info for the 20th Anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks

  • WTC 1, 2 and 7 Buildings Collapsed due to Demolition, Not Fire.
  • No Plane Hit the Pentagon – Partial Pentagon Demolition
  • No Plane Crashed near Shanksville, PA
  • 9/11 Commission Report 2004 (Government Cover-up)
  • The Government and Corporate Media Attacks on the 9/11 Truth Movement
  • Project for the New American Century – The Organization and Members who made 9/11 Happen

“Not all conspiracy theories are crazy” Conspiracy Theories and 9-11

MEK Challenge to PolitiFact over their support of the “greatest lie of all time!” -2021-02-05 (They never responded)

Government Fake 9/11 Story

2021-10-24 MEK 9/11 Comment


Other Overall Views on What Happened on 9/11

35 reasons to question 9/11

Coincidence Theorist’s Guide to 9/11

Davies, John on 9/11 Attacks – Sept 1, 2021

Ground Zero Grassy Knoll

Operation Terror – Movie does an excellent job presenting a version of what happened on 9/11 based on known facts and research.   It was so close to the truth corporate media and theaters have banned showings and discussion of the movie.  Can’t even put it on YouTube.  However, it is well worth the money to rent or buy a copy!  Operation Terror Director & Writer Commentary

“Ultimate List” of Improbabilities and Coincidences Around 9/11


Research on specific aspects of 9/11 Attacks (work in progress)

9/11 Real Suspects

9/11 Truth Movement – Websites

9/11 Television News Archive


American Airlines Flight 11

American Airlines Flight 77



Cleveland Airport Mystery

Continuity of Government

Demands for a New Investigation



Environmental Concerns

Families of 9/11 Victims

Films about September 11 tragedy


Finances and Money

Government Chaos

Government False Flag Operations

Government/Media Censorship

Investigations by Government – 9/11


Military Industrial Complex

Osama Bin Laden

Passengers on Airlines


Phone calls from Airlines

Phone calls – WTC Towers

Planes were Fake [Discounted Theory]

PNAC – Project for a New American century

Real Suspects

Saudi Arabia


Simulated Exercise Attacks

Survivors – 9/11


United Airlines Flight 93

United Airlines Flight 175

War Crimes “In the Name of 9/11”

War Games – 9/11



World Trade Center




Our Emergency


Specific Issues Index

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I have been a Peace and Social Justice Advocate most all of my adult life. In 2022, I am again running for U.S. Congress in CA under the Green Party. This Blog and website are meant to be a progressive educational site, an alternative to corporate media and the two dominate political parties. Your comments and participation are most appreciated. (Click photo) .............................................. Paid for by Michael Kerr for Congress with Peace and Justice C00803577
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