Investigate for Yourself

When you allow government and corporate media to demand your obedience & allow them to censor alternative information you better do some investigation on your own because they are hiding something!

Spend a couple hours on each of the three highlighted issues below and you will be an expert on information the government would rather you not know! Learn more progressive information with other two links at bottom.

Coronavirus Covid-19 Crimes

The 9/11 Attack Government Conspiracy

Runaway Climate Catastrophe


Specific Issues Index

from Creating Better World

About mekorganic

I have been a Peace and Social Justice Advocate most all of my adult life. This Blog and website are meant to be a progressive educational site, an alternative to corporate media and the two dominate political parties. Your help and participation is most appreciated. (click photo)
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1 Response to Investigate for Yourself

  1. Mauro Oliveira says:

    Thank You for challenging the main stream media propaganda and providing a platform for dialogue. I am dismayed at the number of activists who now have a bizarre medical allegiance to the same machine they have stood against and even been arrested doing so.


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